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The Indian Labour Law comes under the purview of Labour and Industrial Law, which is altogether a broad category. The objective of this law is to give due significance to the dignity of human labour and safeguarding and protecting the interests of the workers and employees in line with the Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens.

Labour Lawyers play a crucial role in addressing the following issues:

  • 01

    Provision of Labour law related advisory services

  • 02

    Labour Law Compliance

  • 03

    Drafting or vetting of company's human resource policy

  • 04

    Provision of labour law audit services

  • 05

    Handling Litigation in cases related to workplace discrimination etc.

  • 06

    Handling cases pertaining to workman, gratuity, maternity, minimum wages etc

Labour Law deals with law pertaining to employee-employer relationship. It encompasses matters such as individual employment contracts and contract doctrines, myriad statutory regulations on issues wherein collective bargaining agreements are organized and negotiated. Moreover, it protects employees from any workplace discrimination. Issues pertaining to their working hours, wages, gratuity, safety and health at the workplace are also governed under the Labour Law of India.

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Labour Lawyers are specialists in areas covered under Labour Law. They are required to handle cases pertaining workmen's compensation, counselling and litigation in labour related matters, workplace discrimination, termination of employment without any notice, delayed payments or no payments for months, sexual harassment, age or sex related discrimination, misuse of safety regulations, and negligence at the workplace, wages and slavery related issues.

Labour Lawyer profiles at Helpline Law undergo stringent scrutinization and selection procedure to make available the highly experienced, reliable and diligent Labour Lawyers. Labour Lawyers  empanelled with Helpline Law are endowed with strong court craft skills, legal acumen, and ability to understand and address problems and provide cost effective solutions for them in a timely manner.

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Amit Rai

Advocate Amit Rai is a young and professional lawyer in the Ludhiana city, he is a sincere and hardworking attorney in his legal capacity & work. 

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Neeraj Kumar Rajput

Advocate Neeraj Kumar Rajput excels in offering prompt and hassle-free legal services for clients in and around Bhilwara district.

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V. Bhaskar

Advocate V. Bhaskar is a renowned lawyer who has worked in different capacities and dealt with several categories of cases. Having practical knowledge of law in practice and drafting and counselling.

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Pratiyush Chaubey

Pratyush Chaube has been fortunate to earn the confidence and trust of his clients. His approach and the results delivered are of good quality.

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Rohit Jagwani

Advocate Rohit has strong management & business judgment with Legal acumen to make decisions and render legal advice on core legal issues. 

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Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar believe in sharing our innovative ideas and simplified solutions with our clients and keeping them updated of the developments taking place in the case. 

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Rajat Sahotra

Rajat Sahotra having vast experience in corporate legal affairs and in major Law practices . He is associated with the corporate world in Himachal Punjab & Haryana and carries a rich experience of

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Tanmoy Chattopadhyay

Tanmoy Chattopadhyay have a flair for working for the poor and marginalized and in that endeavour He is associated with a panel lawyer of DLSA, Howrah.

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Amandeep Khaira

Advocate Amandeep Khaira is an experienced Lawyer in advising proper recourse for every problem in the Patiala city. 

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Inderjeet Singh Tanwar

Inderjeet Singh Tanwar is a leading provider of Legal Services and Consultancy that delivers real time results to our esteemed clients .

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Markandey Singh

Markandey Singh is a leading provider of Legal Services and Consultancy that delivers real time results to our esteemed clients .

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Pratiksha Balrishna Pawar

Pratiksha Balrishna Pawar believes that providing High-Quality service is not only about the legal advice we dispense, but more importantly, it is about the relationship we share with our clients.&nbs

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Siji Malayil

Siji Malayil is committed to provide sound advice, practical legal solutions and best representation. He sincerely attempt to forge and develop a positive , effective, constructive and truth based cli

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Ankur Garg

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