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Business Law | 31st March 2022

Complete procedure for Trademark Registration in India

A trademark is a visual representation of a name, word, label, device or numeric characters util

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Civil Litigation and Others | 15th July 2022

Procedure for Filing a Suit/Case

There is a detailed procedure laid down, for filing a civil case. If the procedure is not fo

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Employment, Criminal and Labour | 29th April 2022

Rights of an Arrested Person in India

“Every right is a moral as well as legal entitlement to have or do something”Every human

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Family Law | 1st June 2022

Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave Benefits in India

Maternity and paternity leave is protected time that an employee can take off to care for their newb

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Employment, Criminal and Labour | 12th July 2022

Trade Unions Act, 1926

The Trade  Unions Act, 1926 provides for registration of trade unions with a view to re

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Civil Litigation and Others | 29th April 2022

MRTP Act 1969 -Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice under MRTP act,1969

The Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969, was enactedTo ensure that the operat

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Fri Nov 11 2022 | Govt. Agencies and Taxation

Tax Structuring Through Investment Vehicles in India

Tax structuring are the strategies and plans that help reduce tax amounts for self, businesses or estates. It is common practice and an essential aspect of tax planning. Tax structure asse

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Wed Sep 07 2022 | Employment, Criminal and Labour

National Pension System: Eligibility, Tax Benefits & Registration Process

The National Pension System or NPS is a retired savings scheme that can be entered into voluntarily by those interested. The purpose of the NPS is to begin the act of saving early for the

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Tue Aug 23 2022 | Real Estate, Wills, Probate and Trust

Purchasing Immovable Property in India, NRIs

Many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have often attempted to buy immovable property in their country of birth - India. The process for purchasing the property, including its

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Wed Aug 17 2022 | Family Law

Unwed Mother to be the Sole Guardian of her Child

In a landmark case, the Hon'ble Supreme Court ruled that an unwed mother can apply to be the sole guardian of a child in India, without being obligated to dis

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Wed Jul 06 2022 | Business Law

Cross-Licensing of Patents

Cross-licensing is a contract between two parties that is an agreement to grant patent licenses to each other. Such agreements ensure essential exchange of patented knowledge, thereby ensu

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Thu Jun 16 2022 | Business Law

Master Ownership & Copyright in the Music Industry

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful music artists in history, and an enormous superstar of our generation. Her music has created a legion of loyal fans and an immeasurable i

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