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Lawyers in Nashik


Karan Sharad Jagdale

Karan Sharad Jagdale is a leading provider of Legal Services and Consultancy that delivers real time results t

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Pratiksha Balrishna Pawar

Pratiksha Balrishna Pawar believes that providing High-Quality service is not only about the legal advice we dispen

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Hierarchy of Courts in Nashik


District Courts

District & Sessions Court

2Q3J+3XH, Old Agra Rd, Police Staff Colony, Nashik, Maharashtra 422002

The Nashik District Court deal with the appellate and original jurisdiction over the matters within Territorial jurisdiction of the Nashik that are both criminal and civil in nature.

Family Court

Family Court

XR4R+J9G, Nashik Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422214

Family Court, Nashik is a separate establishment and it takes cognizance of all family disputes arising in the Nashik city jurisdiction. This includes a range of disputes such as maintenance, custody, inheritance, conjugal rights etc.