Immigrations Laws Kuwait

Immigrations Laws of Kuwait
The Amiri Decree 17/ 1959, a law that regulates the residency rules for expatriates was issued and it consists of 28 articles. There has been amendments to it thereafter viz;
Law No.17 of 1959
Law No. 1 of 1963
Law No. 26 of 1965
Law No. 17 of 1988
Law Decree No. 41of 1987; and
Law Decree No. 7 of 1988.
It is not allowed for any expatriates to enter or depart Kuwait without a valid passport issued by the formal authority in his country. The passport must be stamped with visa issued by the Kuwait Consulate abroad.
No expatriate can enter or depart Kuwait unless from authorized entries and stamped from competent authority. All expatriates must provide their passports upon request, answer any information requested and must refer to the Immigration Office upon request. In case of loss or damage of passport, they must inform within 3 days to the Immigration Office.
All captains for ships, airplanes and car drivers must provide list of their names and their crew upon arrival to Kuwait and must inform the local authorities about the passengers who don't have valid passports and they must prevent them from leaving the ship, airplane or car.
The Head of the Immigration Department can provide temporary visa for 3 months and the expatriate must leave Kuwait on its expiry unless renewal is granted from the Ministry of Interior not exceeding one year.
It is possible to allow expatriate to reside in Kuwait temporarily for a period not exceeding 3 months.
An expatriate who is a government employee is granted an ordinary (job) visa for the whole period of his engagement with the government under condition of having a valid passport.
If the validity of the passport expires, the expatriate must depart Kuwait within a period not less than one week and not exceeding 3 months.
It is possible for the Head of Police Department to issue a written deportation order for any expatriate even if they have visa in the following situations:-
  1. If a judgment was issued from court for the deportation of the expatriate.
  2. If expatriate has no means of living.
  3. Deportation can be issued in case of violation of public order, public security or public morality.
It is not allowed for any expatriate who was deported previously to come back to Kuwait unless there is permission from the office of the Minister of Interior, Kuwait.
The fees for issuing visas and renewal are regulated by an order from Police Department and Public Security.
An amount of KD 10 will be levied for every day for delay if the entry of expatriate into Kuwait was for a visit visa and the amount will be considered KD 2 for every day delay for ordinary(job) or temporary visa.
If the expatriate did not intend to have full residency but only a visit and if he/she did not depart Kuwait within the time limit, the court can impose imprisonment not exceeding 3 months and fine not less than KD 600 and not exceeding KD 1000.
Some Arab citizens can be exempted from visa requirements after special decree issued by the Kuwait Government.
The exceptions from the implementation of this law are:-
  1. Head of countries or President of countries and their family.
  2. Head of diplomatic missions, their family, their formal employees, their consulates, family under the conditions of the reciprocal treatment.
  3. Holders of diplomatic passport under condition of reciprocal treatment.
  4. Members of tribes that enters Kuwait from land borders.
  5. Ships, air planes, crew which arrives to Kuwait which they hold naval or air tickets from the authorities in their countries.

This law does not contradict any international agreements that regulates the expatriate treatments under the International law.