General Q & A About The Legal System And Legal Practice In Kuwait Kuwait


1. How to establish a Law office in Kuwait or a Lawyer office in Kuwait?                 
Practicing as a lawyer & having a local law office needs a license from Kuwait Bar Association which regulates the legal professional conduct and the main guide lines for lawyer’s profession.
2. When it’s necessary to hire Labor Lawyers in Kuwait?
It’s important to hire labor lawyers whenever there is a labor dispute between employees and employers like about unpaid salaries, Indemnities or vacations…etc.

3. When it’s important to seek Criminal Lawyers in Kuwait?               
It’s when ever there are criminal charges from the prosecution as criminal felonies or misdemeanors.

4. What is a Civil Lawyers in Kuwait?       
It’s the lawyers specialized in filing cases for compensation about any losses or damages done by others.     

5. When we need Family Lawyers in Kuwait?       
It’s when there are issues about marriage, divorce, custody or visitation and to organize the rights and obligations between husbands and wives after separation.     

6. Is there IT Lawyers in Kuwait and cyber law lawyers in Kuwait?
Sure, with information age and the digital era, there must be lawyers to advise on computers, networks, servers, data usage, information distribution and networks …etc        As for the Cyber lawyers , yes also there will be advice on the internet issues , like jurisdiction , domain , privacy and internet crimes in Kuwait..     

7. How about Business Lawyers in Kuwait? Banking lawyers in Kuwait, Company Lawyers in Kuwait Commercial Lawyers in Kuwait, joint ventures lawyers in Kuwait, commercial lawyers in Kuwait, and company law lawyers in Kuwait too?               
7- Kuwait has been known from over 300 years ago as trade hub between the north and the east. There for doing business in Kuwait has been always and important legal matter that needs to be addressed for any new comers to Kuwait for establishing new companies including banking services or for assigning new commercial agents to make a full representation or only distribution for goods…etc     

8. Do we have Contract Lawyers in Kuwait?       
Yes, as Kuwait is fully engaged in importing and exporting and that includes sometimes legal disputes between the parties     

9. What about Intellectual property Lawyers in Kuwait?       
Kuwait is expanding on that area and a lot of changes taking place in that regard.     

10. How about Trademark Lawyers in Kuwait patent lawyers in Kuwait?
Kuwait has full legal system for regulating and protecting trade marks and patents which is under the commercial law of Kuwait.     

11. What about Divorce Lawyers in Kuwait?               
Kuwait regulated the family law to be applied in the family courts for any family issues like marriage, divorce and custody and expenses ….etc.     

12. Is possible to find Legal advisor in Kuwait?       
Yes, as lawyers offices include court lawyers and legal advisors in the law office to provide legal advice and drafting for contacts.     

13. Do expats n Kuwait need Immigration Lawyers in Kuwait?       
Yes for sure, as immigration laws are always amended, needs to be well applied and explained.     

14. Is there a need for Accident Lawyers in Kuwait?
Traffic violation lawyers in Kuwait? Sure, as accidents are increasing everywhere, given the increase of population. The right application for the traffic laws must be done well to save all the victims rights     

15. Is there Collection Lawyers in Kuwait or Collection Agency in Kuwait?
Or debt collection in Kuwait?  Very important area where there are local and international companies needs to collect their dues and remaining un paid monies after doing important transactions with local companies or individuals.     

16. How about start business in Kuwait, making Company startup in Kuwait and Company formation in Kuwait?               
Kuwait has amended the company’s law in 2012 and new companies forms are there now and that for sure needs to be well advised for new business men and investors.     

17. Is there Barristers in Kuwait or Solicitors in Kuwait or Arbitrators in Kuwait?       
        Barristers and Solicitors are there in Kuwait as lawyers and in house legal advisers.        Arbitrators also there through the arbitration centre in the Chamber of commerce of Kuwait or the judicial arbitration system.     

18. Is there Embezzlement Lawyers in Kuwait?       
        There were much huge embezzlement in Kuwait against the public funds, projects and public companies that need real specialized lawyers in that field to defend the falsely accused persons or reclaim the stolen monies especially if it was crossing the borders of Kuwait.     

19. What about State security Lawyers in Kuwait?       
        This matter includes crimes against the security of Kuwait in matters that might be partly in Kuwait and include other parts out side , like foreign countries to plan damage or harm for the country.     

20. What applications Maritime Lawyers in Kuwait?
      This matter is heavily with shipments and shipping company’s liability and ports of Kuwait.

21. How about Space Law Lawyers in Kuwait?               
        Kuwait is developing in that area, signed many international conventions and is progressing in that field.     

22. Do you have Art Law Lawyers in Kuwait?               
        Kuwait has big developments for arts, museums and actors and needs complete connection with the international organizations to be updated with the modern arts and artists rights.     

23. Do foreigners need Real estate Lawyers in Kuwait?       
        Kuwait gives ownership only for citizens and allows limited ownerships for foreigners after certain governmental approvals.     

24. How about Inheritance Lawyers in Kuwait? Wills lawyers in Kuwait?       
        Inheritance is regulated by Sharia laws and requires the right advice and applications after the demise of parents or senior family members.

25. What is a General practice Lawyers in Kuwait?       
      Its about lawyers giving general advice in many types of law , like civil , commercial and criminal laws…etc..

26. What about Best lawyer in Kuwait?               
        It is about long history, good conduct and professionalism     

27. What about hate crimes lawyer in Kuwait?
        Public rights lawyer in Kuwait? Anti-discrimination lawyer in Kuwait?
        Public freedoms lawyer in Kuwait?                Those matters are protected by the criminal law and any offenders in those matters will be brought to justice.     

28. What about Constitutional law lawyer in Kuwait?       
        Kuwait is privileged with its constitution of 1961 which has all the main foundations for freedoms and public civil rights.     

29. What about Animals rights lawyer in Kuwait?       
        Animals are protected by the criminal law of Kuwait and any violations in that field will be prosecuted for sure.     

30. What about Construction lawyers in Kuwait?               
        This matter is well founded by the civil law and the rights for the builders and land lords are well regulated.     

31. What about Oil and gas lawyer in Kuwait?               
        Kuwait is an oil production country, has local & international transactions in that field and definitely needs comprehensive legal advising teams and legal dispute managers.     

32. What about Offset lawyers in Kuwait?       
        The offset program is new in Kuwait and for sure needs specialized legal teams to advice on the legalities of this program for huge contracts with the government.     

33.What about the LABOR LAW OF KUWAIT, this law was amended in 2010 to include more protection for the workers in general, women workers and young workers also?               
        There are few amendments after that to combat illegal sponsorships from some employers and to establish the public authority for Work force.     

34. Can u give us some comments about the following laws?
COMMERCIAL LAW OF KUWAIT:        -It regulates all aspects relates to companies, traders and commercial transactions.
        CRIMINAL LAW OF KUWAIT:        -This law puts clearly the crimes and punishments, which the public prosecution depend on to accuse and bring to justice any offenders and to protect victims rights in the court of law…
        CIVIL LAW OF KUWAIT: -This law is about selling and buying property. Mortgage, lending and wills …etc..
        FAMILY LAW OF KUWAIT        -It’s about marriage, divorce, Custody and visitation … for nationals and expats too…etc.
        COLLECTION KUWAIT: It’s about collecting and pending amounts between companies locally or internationally