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Taxation lawyers in Helpline Law Pune database firmly believe it is imperative to keep up with the latest developments in the field of taxation laws. As taxation laws evolve and change, the taxation law experts works towards anticipating those changes and devising new strategies and techniques which will help increase tax efficiency for their clients. The taxation law experts in our database also counsel their clients in matters relating to the tax aspects of retirement plans, commercial transactions, sales, mergers, reorganizations, tax controversies, and preparation of business, fiduciary, and personal tax returns. Moreover, these experts try to assist prestigious multinational clients on double taxation avoidance treaties that India has with various countries, the tax holidays available to 100% Export Oriented Units, Special Economic Zones, etc.

What are the most common issues subject to tax litigation?

Tax litigation is the process of taking legal action over the conflicts arising due to the breach of any tax related law. It defines the procedure between the opposing parties, which are basically- the tax payer on one side and the state on the other hand. Tax disputes often arise in the following areas:

  • Individual and partnership matters.
  • Charitable and other forms of not-for-profit organizations.
  • Cross-border tax matters on permanent establishment and attribution.
  • Transfer pricing matters (such as marketing intangibles, management cross charges, compensation for captive service providers and development centres, royalty payments, location savings, selection of transfer pricing methods and comparable companies).
  • General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR).
  • Matters relating to withholding tax.
  • Matters relating to allowance of exemptions/deductions.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Taxation of royalty income.
  • Reassessments/reopening of an assessment.
  • "Black money" that is, undisclosed foreign income and assets.
  • Penalties.
  • Search and seizure.
  • Classification matters relating to indirect tax.
  • Valuation issues under the Customs Act 1962.
  • Various issues under the Goods and Service Tax Law.

All about appeals and hearings/trial:

Appeal is a proceeding resorted to rectify an erroneous decision of a court by submitting the question to a higher court, or court of appeal. It means ‘making a request’ and in legal parlance, it means ‘apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court. Hearings before the Assessment Officer, Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) (CIT(A)), Dispute Resolution Panel, Authority for Advance Rulings and the Settlement Commission are private hearings. However, hearings before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court are open to the public.

The taxpayer can appear either in person or through an authorized representative at the hearings before all of the above forums. The relevant forum will hear both sides' arguments and can either allow the appeal or dispose of the appeal. If any of the party fails to attend the hearing, the hearing can go ahead with only the other party providing their arguments and a decision can be made on the merits (ex parte). However, ex parte hearings are rare in practice, and will usually only be conducted where the petitioner for the ex parte hearing can show that the non-attending party is in default.

Appellate Hierarchy in case of Direct Tax:

Appellate Hierarchy in case of Indirect Tax:

Address of Tribunals in Pune for processing taxation appeals:

ITATAddress: 2nd Floor, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran Bldg., Near St Mary High School, 463, Stavely Road, Pune - 411001, India
Income Tax Office, AkurdiAddress: R S 11, Income Tax Staff Colony Rd, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra- 411044, India
Income tax Office, Salisbury ParkAddress: 7, Shankar Rao Lohane Marg, P & T Colony, Gultekdi, Pune, Maharashtra-411037, India
Income Tax Office (Aayakar Bhawan)Address: Aayakar Bhawan, 12, Sadhu Vaswani Rd, Pune, Maharashtra-411001, India
Income Tax OfficeAddress: PMT Building Commercial Complex, Shankar Sheth Road, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra- 411037, India

What do we offer?

Helpline Law is a platform that connects you to seasoned Tax Litigation Lawyers who have experience in providing practical, strategic and technical advice on the conduct of tax dispute resolution matters from the first contact by revenue authorities through to the conclusion of litigation. They can assist you for both direct and indirect tax issues, for approaching Authorities, Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court of India.