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Do you have any questions related to inheritance law and are looking for an expert opinion in Delhi? Losing a love one is a very stressful and emotionally distraught situation even if you don’t have to go through the probate process on your own. Despite the deceased left a will or not, most of the estates must go through a complicated process of probate court before the assets of the person can be distributed. It is advisable to consult an inheritance lawyer to avoid unnecessary confusion and to protect your interests. Helpline Law offers a reliable platform to connect with well-equipped and experienced legal professionals who will guide you through any dispute related to Will, Estate, Inheritance or Succession.

Inheritance in India and the manner in which property of a deceased person is to be distributed is determined by the law of Succession, in the event that there is no will or equivalent document declaring the deceased persons intent. "Will” indicates the lawful announcement of the objective of testator with regard to his residence which he preferred to be taken after the impact of his loss of life. A will or any aspect of the will, the creating of which has been expensed by scams or coercion, or by such signs as taken away from the organization the testator is a gap.

Fighting against your own siblings or other relatives can be overwhelming and therefore, it’s better to have an expert by your side that can help you navigate through this complicated process in a more comfortable way. The advocates in our database provide following services:

  • Assisting and advising in drafting the Wills as per the statutory provisions of the applicable laws.
  • Obtaining Probate at the Testamentary Jurisdiction at High Court.
  • Applying for Succession Certificate and/or Letters of Administration at the appropriate Testamentary Jurisdictions at High Court.
  • Cases relating to the division of the property bequeathed by the parents/grandparents
  • Obtaining the Succession Certificate
  • Handling the disputes related to Will or estate where the owner has died without succession planning
  • Partition of the Property among legal heirs
  • Cases relating to the Daughter’s Rights in the Inherited Property
  • Advising the clients regarding distribution of the property among the legal heirs in accordance with the law
  • Handling the disputes related to Will or estate where the owner has died without succession planning

The authorities where the clients can approach for the inheritance matters are as follows:

S. No.CourtsPurposePecuniary Jurisdiction
Supreme Court of India
Address: Tilak Marg, Supreme Court, Mandi House, New Delhi-110201, India.
Original Suits, Appeals any other case of public interestUnlimited
2.High Court of Delhi
Address: Shershah Rd, Delhi High Court, India Gate, New Delhi-110503, India.
Partition of Property/ Probate of the Will and other matters relating to inheritanceThe values of total assets should be more than Rs. 1 Crore
3.Delhi City Civil CourtPartition of Property/ Probate of the Will and other matters relating to inheritanceThe value of the total assets should be upto Rs. 1 Crores.
4.Sub Registrar Office, concerned districtRegistration of Will, Mutation of property in the name of the legal heirsUnlimited

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Obscurity regarding inheritance process is common issues that come under the umbrella of property disputes. Hence, it makes necessary for people to have understanding of how the inheritance law operates in our country so that they can easily check their eligibility for inheritance. There are separate laws for Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsis under our judicial system. We at Helpline Law understand that how confusing all this can be especially at such a stressful time. Therefore, we offer an easy access to some of the best advocates in industry who use their expertise and years of experience to guide you through such crucial time.

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