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Helpline Law has been effectively resolving legal disputes  & queries of common people since 2001. It is a reputed platform with a  database of experienced & dexterous Labour Lawyers in Mumbai who can assist  you in labour law related problems as well as represent your disputes in the  Mumbai Labour Courts. Labour law deals with all the laws & legalities  related to employee-employer relationship. Labour law professionals on Helpline  Law are proficient in dissolving labour conflicts & feuds.

Indian Labour Laws are made with the objective to guard the  rights of employees & protect them from any sort of workplace  discrimination be it related to long working hours, poor wages, gratuity,  safety and health at the workplace, etc.

Labour Lawyers on Helpline Law are proficient in handling  cases pertaining to:    

  • Counseling and litigation in labour related matters
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Termination of employment without any notice
  • Delayed payments or no payments for months
  • Sexual harassment, age or sex related discrimination
  • Misuse of safety regulations
  • Negligence at the workplace
  • Wages and slavery related issues.

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The Indian Labour Law covers a gamut of Labour Law and Employment Law. The laws in these two categories cover an array of  issues which are both general and specific in nature. The objective of labour  law is to provide due significance to the dignity of human labour along with  safeguard & protect the interests of the workers and employees in line with  the Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens.
Labour Law: Labour law is generally applicable to  people whose work come under the Indian Labour Law. Most of the time, there are  issues concerning the minimum wages, Gratuity & non-term employment  benefits, ESI, PF, bonus, work place accident compensation, death or permanent  injury on duty, trade union, child labour, work environment related, etc.
Employment  Law: Segment of law which usually covers white collar, managerial  and technology BPO related employees. This segment is more contractual in  nature, most of the time, the employment agreement & law of contracts are  considered for dispute resolution. Disputes usually come in the form of  employment salary dues, PD/Gratuity payment and at a more senior level  non-compete laws, PR infringement and breach of confidentiality. 
In the  India, labour law also contains a plethora of central and state specific  employment rules, managerial regulations as well as judicial decisions.  Appositeness of the rules is dependent on multiple factors including:    

  • The  industry
  • Nature  of work done by the employees
  • Strength  of the workforce
  • Remuneration
  • Duration  of service, etc.

Labour Lawyers play a crucial role in  addressing the following issues:

  • Provision of Labour law related advisory services
  • Labour Law Compliance
  • Drafting or vetting of company’s human resource policy
  • Provision of labour law audit services
  • Handling Litigation in cases related to workplace discrimination etc.
  • Handling cases pertaining to workman, gratuity, maternity, minimum wages etc

Labour Law related complaints can be  heard and adjudicated upon by the following forums:

  • Grievances  Redressal Committee
  • Workers  Committee
  • Conciliation  Officers
  • Board  of Conciliation
  • Courts  of Inquiry
  • Labour  Courts
  • Industrial  Tribunals and/or National Tribunals
  • Workmen  Compensation Commissions
  • Civil  Courts

District-wise list of Offices of Labour Commissioners  in Mumba

MumbaiKamgar Bhavan, 4th floor, C-20, E Block, Opp. Reserve Bank, BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai-51.
ThaneThane Office Complex Building 6th Floor, Above Labour Court, Mulund Checknaka, Thane (w)
TarapurMIDC Colony, Near Sarovar Hotel Tarapur Chitralay, Boisar, Palaghar, District Thane – 401504
KalyanKalyan Sai Vihar, Up to Gurudev Hotel, 1st Floor Kalyan (E)
BhivandiDreamland Appt. 1st Floor, near S. T. Depo, Bhivandi – 421305
Ratnagiri42/44, Parsmni, K. C. Jainnagar, Maruti temple, Ratnagiri - 415639.
SindhudurgC-Block Shidudhug Nagri, Sindhudurg - 4132120

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