The Republic

Article 5. The Republic of Uganda.
(1) Uganda is one sovereign State and a Republic.
(2) Uganda shall consist of the districts specified in the First Schedule to this Constitution and such other districts as may be established in accordance with this Constitution or any other law consistent with it.
(3) The territorial boundary of Uganda shall be as delineated in the Second Schedule to this Constitution.
(4) The capital of Uganda is Kampala.

Article 6. Official language.
(1) The official language of Uganda is English.
(2) Subject to clause (1) of this article, any other language may be used as a medium of instruction in schools or other educational institutions or for legislative, administrative or judicial purposes as may be prescribed by law.

Article 7. Nonadoption of a State religion.
Uganda shall not adopt a State religion.

Article 8. National symbols and seals.
The national flag, the national coat of arms, the public seal, the national anthem and the seals of the courts of judicature in use immediately before the coming into force of this Constitution shall continue to be in use.