General and Transitory Provisions

Article 150 Preamble is Part of Constitution
The preamble of this Constitution is considered an integral part of it.

Article 151 First Amendments
This Constitution may not be amended before the lapse of 18 months from the date it comes into effect.

Article 152 Temporary Election Control
Until the Supreme Constitutional Court is formed, the general body of the Court of Cessation has the jurisdiction to examine appeals regarding the validity of the election of the members of the People's Assembly after such appeals are referred to it by the President of the Assembly. The court submits to the President of the Assembly a report of its findings.

Article 153 Old Laws
Legislation in effect and issued before the proclamation of this Constitution remains in effect until it is amended so as to be compatible with its provisions.

Article 154 Term of President
The term of the incumbent President of the Republic expires after 7 years of the Christian Era from the date of the announcement of his election as President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Article 155 First Parliamentary Elections
Elections for the first People's Assembly are held under the Constitution within 90 days from the date it is declared approved by a public referendum.

Article 156 Publication, Enforcement
The President of the Republic publishes this Constitution in the Official Gazette and it is considered in effect from the date of its approval by a public referendum.