Transitory and Additional Provisions

Article 116 Accusation of Ministers
Until provided for by a law, the Chamber of Deputies has discretionary power to accuse a member of the Government, and the Superior Court shall try him in general assembly, specifying the offence and determining the penalty. The penalty may not, however, exceed that of confinement, without prejudice to cases expressly provided for by the penal laws.

Article 117 Conflicting Old Law
From the day the Constitution enters into force, all laws, decrees, decisions, regulations, and other acts in conflict with it are abolished.

Article 118 Conversion of Death Penalty
The death penalty, abolished in political matters, shall be replaced by the penalty immediately below it, until such time as this matter has been covered by the new law.

Article 119 Provisions Concerning Religions
Pending the conclusion of the conventions referred to in Article 22, the current provisions concerning religions shall remain in force.

Article 120 Old Law
Until the laws and regulations provided for by the Constitution have been promulgated, the laws and regulations at present in force continue to be applied.

Article 121 ...
{ Abolished on 31 March 1989 }