General Provisions

Article 109 Capital, Seat of Government
The city of Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy and
the seat of the Government. The seat of the Government may be moved only temporarily and then only for serious reasons.

Article 110 Oath
(1) No oath may be imposed, except pursuant to the law, which determines in what form it is to be taken.

(2) All civil public officials, before entering upon their duties, take the following oath:

"I swear allegiance to the Grand Duke and obedience to the Constitution and the laws of the State. I promise to fulfill my duties with integrity, exactitude, and impartiality."

Article 111 Rights of Foreigners
Every foreigner on the territory of the Grand Duchy shall enjoy the protection afforded to persons and property, except as otherwise provided by the law.

Article 112 Promulgation of Laws
No law or general or communal administrative decision or regulation shall come into force until it has been published in the form determined by the law.

Article 113 No Suspension
No provision of the Constitution may be suspended.

Article 114 Constitutional Amendment
(1) The legislature has the right to declare the need to amend any constitutional provision it specifies.

(2) Following such declaration, the Chamber automatically dissolves.

(3) A new Chamber convenes in accordance with Article 74.

(4) This Chamber decides, by common consent with the Grand Duke, on the points to be amended.

(5) In such a case, the Chamber shall not proceed to the vote unless at least three-quarters of its members are present, and no amendment may be adopted unless it is backed by at least two-thirds of the votes.

Article 115 No Amendment During Regency
During a regency, no amendment can be made to the Constitution concerning the constitutional prerogatives of the Grand Duke, his status as well as the order of succession.