National council for Civic Education  Article.198
There shall be established a National Council for Civic Education whose composition, functions and powers shall be prescribed by an act of the National Assembly.  

Function of the council Article. 199
(1) The functions of the National Council for Civic Education shall be
  1. to create and sustain within society an awareness of the principles and objectives of this Constitution as the fundamental law of The Gambia.
  2. To educate and encourage the public to defend this Constitution against all forms of abuse and violence;
  3. To formulate, from time to time, for the consideration the Government, programmes at national and district levels aimed at realising the objects of this Constitution;
  4. To formulate, implement and oversee programmes aimed at inculcating in the citizens of The Gambia awareness of their civic and fundamental rights, duties and responsibilities;
  5. To educate the citizens of The Gambia about international, regional and sub regional matters relevant to The Gambia, and
  6. Such other functions as an Act of the National Assembly may prescribe
(2) An Act of the National Assembly may provide for the establishment of district branches of the Council.
(3) In the exercise of its functions, the Council shall be apolitical and, save as may be provided by an Act of the National Assembly, shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.