National Youth Service Scheme Article 195
The shall be established a National Youth Service Scheme whose composition, operation and functions shall be prescribed by an Act of the National Assembly.  

Participation in the service Article 196
(1) Citizens of The Gambia who have attained the age of eighteen years shall, subject to any exemptions and deferments prescribed by an Act of the National Assembly, be required to join the National Youth Service
(2) An Act of the National Assembly may provide that any person who seeks an appointment in the public service shall provide evidence of his or her having participated in, or been exempted from joining, the National Youth service.

National Youth Service Board  Article 197
(1) The National Youth Service Board shall be responsible for the operation of the National Youth service.
(2) The Board shall be composed of a chairman and four other members who shall be appointed by the President, in consultation with the Secretary of State.
(3) Subject to this constitution and any Act of the National Assembly, the Board may, with the prior approval of the President, make regulations for the performance of its functions under this Constitution or any other law and for the effective and efficient administration of the National Youth Service.