Transitional and Concluding Provisions

Chapter IX Transitional and Concluding Provisions

Article 140: Yugoslavia, Protection Against Serbia

1. The Republic of Croatia remains part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until a new agreement is reached by the Yugoslav republics, or until the Croatian Parliament decides otherwise.

2. If the territorial integrity of the Republic of Croatia is infringed by an act of or procedure by federal organ or an organ of other republics or provinces, members of the Federation, or if the Republic is brought into an unequal position in the federation, or its interests are endangered, the republic of Croatia's organs shall, on the basis of the right to self-determination and the sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia established by the Constitution, make the necessary decisions for the protection of the sovereignty and interests of the Republic of Croatia.

Article 141: Implementation, Elections

1. This Constitution applies as of the date of its promulgation by the Croatian Parliament, unless otherwise specified by the Constitutional Law for its implementation regarding the application of its individual provisions.

2. Elections for the Croatian Parliament and the President of the Republic are called in accordance with the electoral laws, which are passed not later than one year after the promulgation of this Constitution.

Article 142: Constitutional Law for Implementation

A Constitutional Law shall be passed for the implementation of this Constitution