State and Sovereignty

Title I State and Sovereignty

Article 1: State Form

The Republic of the Congo is a sovereign and independent State, decentralized, indivisible, secular, democratic, and social.

Article 2: Flag

1. The National emblem is the tri-colored flag, green yellow, red. Of a rectangular form, it is composed of two triangles of the color green and red, separated by a diagonal yellow band, the green being on the side of the flagstaff.

2. The law shall prescribe the dimensions, the tones of the colors, and the other details of the flag.

Article 3: Anthem, Motto, Seal, Coat of Arms, Language, Capital

1. The national anthem is "La Congolaise".

2. The Motto of the Republic is "Unity - Work - Progress".

3. The Seal of the State and Coat of Arms of the Republic shall be defined by law.

4. The official language is French.

5. The functional national languages are Lingala and Munukutuba.

6. The Capital of the Republic of the Congo is Brazzaville.

Article 4: Sovereignty, Democracy, Principle

1. National Sovereignty shall belong to the people who exercise it by way of referendum and by representatives elected by universal suffrage.

2. No individual nor faction of the people shall attribute to itself its exercise.

3. The principle of the Republic is: Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Article 5: Suffrage, Electoral Rights

Suffrage shall be universal, equal, secret, free, and sincere. In the conditions determined by law and under the reserve of provisions provided for in Articles 68 and 93, all Congolese nationals of the two sexes, having attained eighteen years of age, in possession of their civil and political rights shall be voters.

Article 6: Political Participation

Every citizen shall have the right to take part in the direction of the public affairs of the country either directly, or by the inter mediation of their representatives.

Article 7: Political Parties

Political Associations, Parties, and Groupings concur in the expression of suffrage. They shall freely form and exercise their activities in respect of the law and the principles of national sovereignty, integrity of territory, National Unity, and pluralist democracy.

Article 8: Unconstitutional Parties and Activities

1. Political Associations, Parties, and Groupings of which the goals aim to touch or overthrow the democratic constitutional order or compromise the existence of the Republic of the Congo shall be unconstitutional. They shall incur the sanctions provided for by the law.

2. Any propaganda or any act aiming to touch the internal security of the State, the national unity, and the territorial integrity shall be unconstitutional and punished by the laws and regulations in effect.

Article 9: Natural Resources

The State shall exercise its total and permanent sovereignty over all its riches and natural resources including the possession and the right to use and dispose of them. At all times, it shall guarantee the freedom of private initiative in these domains.