General Dispositions

Title VII General Dispositions

Article 187: No Suspension of Constitution

The Constitution may not be wholly or partially suspended.

Article 188: Old Law

From the day on which the Constitution becomes enforceable, all laws, decrees, rulings, rules, and other acts are annulled.

Article 189: Binding Texts

Constitutional texts are established in French, in Dutch, and in German.

Article 190: Mandatory Publication of Laws

No law, decree, or general administrative ruling, whether provincial or communal, may take effect until having been published in the manner described by law.

Article 191: Protection of Foreigners

All foreigners on Belgian soil benefit from that protection provided to persons and property, save for those exceptions provided for by law.

Article 192: Legal Oaths

No oath may be imposed other than by sole virtue of a law. The latter determines wording.

Article 193: Colors, Coat of Arms

The Belgian Nation adopts red, yellow, and black colors, while the Coat of Arms depicts the Lion of Belgium with the Motto: Union Makes Strength.

Article 194: Capital

The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the federal Government.