The Govern

TITLE V The Govern

Article 72

1. The Govern consists of the Cap de Govern and the Ministers, their number being determined by law.

2. Under the direction of its Head, the Govern conducts the national and international policy of Andorra. It conducts the State administration and is vested with statutory powers.

3. The Public Administration serves the general interest with objectivity and works in accordance with the principles of hierarchy, efficiency, transparency and full submission to the Constitution, the laws and the general principles of the legal system defined in Title I. All their acts and provisions are subject to jurisdictional control.

Article 73
The Cap de Govern is appointed by the Coprinceps, after his or her election under the terms provided for in the Constitution.

Article 74
The Cap de Govern and the Ministers are subject to the same jurisdictional status as the Consellers Generals.

Article 75
The Cap de Govern or, when appropriate, the competent Minister, countersigns the acts of the Coprinceps provided for in article 45.

Article 76
The Cap de Govern, with the approval of the majority of the Consell General, may request the Coprinceps to call a referendum about political matters.

Article 77
The Govern ceases with the dissolution of the legislature, with the resignation, death or permanent disability of the Cap de Govern, with the approval of a motion of censure or the lack of assent in a motion of confidence. In all such cases the Govern shall continue its functions until the time a new Govern is formed.

Article 78

1. The Cap de Govern may not hold office for more than two consecutive complete terms.

2. Membership of the Govern is incompatible with membership of the Consell General, or with the exercise of any public office not derived from the said membership of the Govern.