Transitory And Final Dispositions

Part Eighteen
Transitory And Final Dispositions

Article 178
1. Laws and other normative acts approved before the date this Constitution enters into force will be applied as long as they have not been abrogated.
2. The Council of Ministers presents to the Assembly draft laws necessary for implementing this Constitution.

Article 179
1. The mandate of the existing constitutional organs with the entering into force of this Constitution ends pursuant to the terms contemplated by Law No. 7491, dated 29.4.1991, On the Main Constitutional Provisions and its respective amendments.
2. The members of the Court of Cassation continue their activity as members of the High Court pursuant to their previous mandate.
3. The members of the High Council of Justice elected from the ranks of the prosecutors are replaced with new members elected by a general meeting of the judges.
4. The organs of local government continue their activity until their mandate terminates.

Article 180
1. International agreements ratified by the Republic of Albania before this Constitution enters into force are considered ratified according to this Constitution.
2. The Council of Ministers presents to the Constitutional Court the international agreements which contain provisions that come in conflict with the Constitution.

Article 181
1. The Assembly, within two to three years from the date this Constitution enters into force, issues laws for the just resolution of different issues related to expropriations and confiscations done before the approval of this Constitution, guided by the criteria of article 41.
2. Laws and other normative acts, adopted before the date this Constitution enters into force, that relate to the expropriations and confiscations shall be applied when they do not contradict it.

Article 182
Law No. 7491, dated 29.4. 1991, "On the Main Constitutional Provisions" as well as the Other constitutional laws are abrogated the day this Constitution enters into force.

Article 183
This Constitution enters into force with its promulgation by the President of the Republic.