The High State Control

Part Fourteen
The High State Control

Article 162
1. The High State Control is the highest institution of economic and financial control. It is subject only to the Constitution and laws.
2. The Head of the High State Control is appointed and dismissed by the Assembly upon proposal of the President of the Republic. He stays in office for 7 years, with the right of reelection.

Article 163
The High State Control supervises: a. the economic activity of state institutions and other state juridical persons; b. the use and preservation of state funds by the organs of central and local government; c. the economic activity of juridical persons, in which the state owns more than half of the quotas or shares, or when their debts, credits and obligations are guaranteed by the state.

Article 164
1. The High State Control presents to the Assembly:
  1. a report on the implementation of the state budget;
  2. its opinion on the Council of Ministers report about the expenses of the previous financial year before it is approved by the Assembly;
  3. information about the results of controls any time it is asked by the Assembly.
2. The High State Control presents to the Assembly a yearly report on its activities.

Article 165
1. The Head of the High State Control may be invited to participate and speak in the meetings of the Council of Ministers when questions related to its functions are reviewed.
2. The Head of the High State Control has the immunity of a member of the High Court.