Central Election Commission

Part Twelve
Central Election Commission

Article 153
The Central Election Commission is a permanent organ that prepares, supervises, directs, And verifies all aspects that have to do with elections and referenda and declares their results.

Article 154

1. The Commission consists of 7 members who are elected with a mandate of 7 years. Two members are elected by the Assembly, 2 by the President of the Republic, and 3 other members by the High Council of Justice.

2. The membership of the Central Election Commission is renewed every three years pursuant to the procedure established by law.
3. The membership in the Commission is incompatible with any other state and political activity.

4. Electoral subjects appoint their representatives to the Commission. They do not have the right to vote.

5. A member of the Commission enjoys the immunity of a member of the High Court.

6. The Commission has its own budget.