The Transitional Provisions

Chapter Twelve The Transitional Provisions

Article 156
The Title of the Father of the Nation and the privileges granted by the Emergency Loya Jirga of 1381 (2002) to His Majesty Mohammad Zahir Former King of Afghanistan are preserved for him during his lifetime, in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.

Article 157
The period, following the adoption of this Constitution, until the date of inauguration of the National Assembly, is deemed as transitional period.

During the transitional period, the Islamic Transitional State of Afghanistan would carry the following tasks:
1. Issue decrees related to the elections of the President, National Assembly and local councils within six months.
2. Issue decrees regarding the structure and authorities of the courts and basic administration structures within one year.
3. Establish an Independent Electoral Commission for Supervising Elections.
4. Take necessary measures for reform of executive and judicial affairs
5. Adopt necessary y measures for preparing the ground for enforcement of the provisions of this Constitution.

Article 158
The first President elected, takes up his duties after thirty days after the result of his election has been proclaimed, in accordance with this constitution.

Article 159
Elections of the National Assembly will be held within one year of the Presidential elections. The powers of the National Assembly under this constitution until the establishment of the National Assembly is transferred to the Government and the Supreme Court is formed by the decree of the President.

The Government and the Supreme Court shall be established within thirty days after the first session of the Wolesi Jirga is taken place.

The President of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan shall continue his duties until the elected President has taken has taken the office.
The executive and judicial organs of the state in accordance with provisions of paragraph 3 of article 157 of this constitution shall continue their duties, until the formation of the Government and the Supreme Court.

The decrees enforced from the beginning of the interim period, shall be submitted to the first session of the National Assembly. These decrees are enforceable until they are annulled by the National Assembly.

Article 160
This constitution is enforced upon its approval by the Loya Jirga, and will be signed and announced by the President of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Upon the enforcement of it, laws and decrees contrary to the provisions of this constitution are invalid.