Chapter Ten Amendments

Article 149
The provisions of adherence to the fundamentals of the sacred religion of Islam and the republican regime cannot be amended.
The amendment of the fundamental rights of the people are permitted only in order to make them more effective
Considering new experiences and requirements of the time, other contents of this Constitution can be amended by the proposal of the President or by the majority of the National Assembly in accordance with the provisions of Article 67, and 146 of this constitution.

Article 150
In order to implement proposals regarding amending the Constitution, a commission composed of members of the government, National Assembly, and the Supreme Court, would be established by a Presidential decree, and the commission shall prepare a draft of the amendments.
For approval of the amendments, a Loya Jirga shall be convened by the decree of the President in accordance with the provisions of the Chapter on the Loy Jirga.
When the Loya Jirga approves an amendment by a majority of two-thirds of its members, it shall be enforced after endorsement by the President.