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  • Contact Person Name : Mr. Guy Flanter
  • Establishment year : 1999
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : Mr. Flanter is a member of various professional committees in the Israeli Bar Association including:
    Criminal Procedure Committee.
    Prosecution Committee.
    Army & Security Committee.
    Criminal Lawyers Forum.

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Guy Flanter Law Office practices Criminal & Military Law in Israel, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.
The firm provides suspects under investigation with legal advice, prepares them for interrogation and represents defendants in various criminal legal proceedings.

All lawyers are former Israeli police officers or served in the Israeli State Prosecution.

Areas of practice include: Israeli Criminal Law, Israeli Military Law, Disciplinary Proceedings and specialized areas like White Collar Crimes, Corporate Crime, Economic Crimes, Fiscal Crimes, Money Laundering, Sexual harassment, Antitrust Criminal Law, Criminal Charges relating to accidents in the workplace.


Area of Practice

Bail and Bond
Criminal Law
Internet - Cyberspace Law
Litigation and Appeals
Military Law
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Death
Disciplinary Proceedings

Lawyer's Profile


Name: Mr. Guy Flanter
Education: Studied Law at Warwick University, England and graduated (1993) attaining LL.B with Honors.
Fluent in both Hebrew & English languages.
Graduated the Israeli Military Officers Training School with distinction and selected as the finest cadet
Completed Intelligence Officers training course.
Certified Advocate in the Israeli Military Courts (2000). Serves as both a Prosecutor and Defense Attorney in disciplinary proceedings held by the Israeli Bar Association.

Specialization: Israeli Criminal Law, Israeli Military Law, Disciplinary Proceedings, Criminal aspects of Israeli Tax Law, Domestic violence, Criminal victims\' rights, Money Laundering, White Collar Crimes, Antitrust Criminal Law, Sexual harassment, Corporate Crime, Economic Crimes, Fiscal Crimes, Criminal Charges relating to accidents in the workplace.

South African and German background
Born in Israel in 1965, raised and educated in Israel & the U.S.
Admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1995.
Drafted to the Israeli Army in 1983
Served in the Israeli Army, as Captain in the Intelligence Corps.
Immediately after finishing his Military Service, Mr. Flanter served in the Israeli Security Forces, dealing with Anti-Terrorism.
As a young Criminal Lawyer, served on the legal defense team representing Mr. Simcha Dinitz (1995). Mr. Dinitz, Head of the Jewish Agency and former Ambassador to the U.S., was indicted for fraud at the Jerusalem District Court, but later acquitted of all criminal charges by the Israeli Supreme Court.

Served in the Israeli State Prosecution, representing the State of Israel in various criminal cases as a Prosecutor.
Represented his fellow Prosecutors from the Central District in the National Organization of State Prosecutors, and appointed member of a special Law Enforcement National Task Force, established to fight property related fraud.

Resigned from the State Prosecution and established Guy Flanter Law Office, an independent Law Firm, in 1999.

Appointed by the Israeli Attorney General as Prosecutor for the State in Criminal cases in 2007 to represent the Ministry of National Infrastructure.

Member of various professional committees in the Israeli Bar Association

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Apart from large corporations such as banks and telecom companies
our client-base includes executives and professionals from all occupations
including lawyers
accountants and doctors
public servants
as well as members of the armed and security forces.


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