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  • Contact Person Name : Attorney Lawson Lai
  • Establishment year : 1992
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : Ten fields of service provided by Guangdong Yangquan Law Firm:

    Contentious Business:

    A. Litigation and Arbitration of International Contractual Dispute; International Cargo Contractual Dispute; L/C Dispute; Commercial Paper Dispute; Credit Letter, Bank Remittances, Credit Investigation.
    B. Litigation and Arbitration of B/L, C/P Contractual Dispute, Ship Collision Compensation, General Average Adjustment and other Maritime Disputes.
    C. Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation of financial cases; Participation in negotiating, drafting, revising contract and issuing legal advice.
    D. Litigation and Arbitration of Intellectual Property Infringement; Provide domestic and foreign Licensing Trade service.
    E. Criminal Litigation.

    Non-Contentious Business:

    F. Planning, Negotiation and Establishment of Foreign-investment Company; Whole Procedure for Establishment of Representative Office, Subsidiary Company and Branch Company for Foreign Company.
    G. Drafting, examining, modifying and translating Chinese-Foreign Business Contracts, Articles, Rules and other Business, Legal Documents.
    H. Participate in General Structure Design, Negotiation and Progress Follow-up of all kinds of investment projects; Provide all-round legal consultation and service.
    I. On behalf of Chinese or foreign-investment enterprises to participate in the enterprise's Equity Transfer, Merger, Dissolution, Liquidation and other legal affairs.
    J. Investigation for Intellectual Property Rights’Protection. Provide consultation, demonstration, legal-advice issuing about the relevant questions on Domestic and International Trade of Intellectual Property Rights; Participation in negotiations of Intellectual Property Rights and Preparation for related legal documents.

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“As distance tests a horse's strength, time reveals a person's quality. ”Guangdong Yangquan Law Firm, established for over 10 years, has already transformed our commitment for clients to good faith, and has served tens of thousands of clients. Rooted in Guangdong Province and extended to the whole nation,Guangdong Yangquan Law Firm was approved by the Guangdong Department of Justice and has a combined team of elite lawyers with good profession and morality.
Guangdong Yangquan Law Firm adheres to concept of "solve the confused, help the trapped" as our purpose of excellence; to "surpass oneself every day and moment” as the spirit for excellence; to be“based on profession, established by teamwork, and founded by ethics” as idea of excellence; to “erect best image, provide best service, create best benefit and gain best reputation” as the goal of excellence. The firm lays much emphasis on professional ethics and practice discipline, and implements the swear-taking system of lawyers’ joining-in, society-supervising system, work-reporting system and legal-aiding system.
The firm has served as legal consultant or be entrusted as attorney of China's largest joint-venture investment project---the CNOOC Shell Petrochemical Project, New World Housing Development Company Limited (a subsidiary of Hong Kong New World Real Estate), TCL Group, Shenzhen SEG Engineering Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Oriental Xinyue Industrial Co. Ltd., MACAT Group, Dongguan Heng Yun Ribbon Co. Ltd., UT Starcom Communication Co. Ltd., "Teenagers" magazine, Hong Kong "Economy and Law" magazine, Hong Kong Yi Hong Group, Taiwan's Daewoo Co. Ltd., Singapore Eastern Asia Technology Co. Ltd., the U.S. Imperial State Group, Japan Association of Southeast Asian Nations groups, and other hundreds of enterprises or institutions.
Our attorneys have successfully hosted the famous "Sun Zhigang" illegal asylum cases, and many of them served as legal advisor for companies from the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Mainland. The law firm has been assisting the local municipal People's Congress in drafting local laws and regulations, which won the unanimous acclaim of the society. Excellence is the symbol of reputation, credibility, as well as talent and broad-mindedness. The pursuit of excellence makes all our outstanding lawyers dedicated to the community and provide qualified and efficient legal services for people from all fields.


Area of Practice

Litigation and Appeals
Mediation and Collaboration Law
Negotiation and Establishment of Foreign-investment Company; Whole Procedure for Establishment of Representative Office
Subsidiary Company and Branch Company for Foreign Company.Litigation and Arbitration of International Contractual Dispute; International Cargo Contractual Dispute; L/C Dispute; Commercial Paper Dispute; Credit Letter
Bank Remittances
Credit Investigation.....

Lawyer's Profile


Name: Attorney Lawson Lai


Graduated from the five top domestic law universities----Zhongnan University of Economics and Law


He is now the licensed lawyer in Guangdong Yangquan Law Firm, the first legal consultants for enterprises in China, and a member of National Lawyers’ Association, Guangdong Province Lawyers’ Association and Shenzhen Lawyers’ Association
Has been practicing legal consultant and affairs for nearly 10 years, which enables him abundant judicial experience and handling skills
He is renowned as the versatile lawyer capable of economy and law, and has been providing services as various import & export corporations, foreign-owned enterprises and factories, foreign investment and consultation, contract disputes and collection, etc.

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Below are companies that it serves
names are not disclosed in order to keep the privacy of the clients: a. Represent Software Company from Britain to set up office and factory in China
and was appointed as their legal adviser b. Assisted a Company from Canada to invest and establish representative office in China c. Sue on behalf of Britain’s Investment Company to resolve the debt contract dispute with Chinese Investment Company d. On behalf of India’s Company to handle the contract dispute with China’s Company on wood quality e. Helped Canada’s Company to settle the stock right disputes with Chinese stock holders f. On behalf of India’s Company Chinese Branch to handle its involvement in contract defrauding case g. Deal with legal affairs concerned with French’s Cosmetics Company purchasing China’s Commodity Company h. Serve as lawyer to plea for Japan’s Company
Shenzhen Branch the debt contract dispute with China’s Beijing Company i. Plea on behalf of America’s Machinery Company with China’s Machinery Company for patent dispute j. Apply for arbitration on behalf of Singapore’s Company with China’s Company k. Conduct sales contract dispute on behalf of Japan’s Auto Company with China’s Company l. Apply for arbitration on commodity trade contract dispute on behalf of Hong Kong’s Trace and Commerce Company with China’s Import & Export Company

A.Corporate & Commercial
Our Corporate & Commercial Department team believes in strategic, practical and commercially focused solution. We have a strong team of corporate lawyers who are dedicated to ensure the delivery of high quality execution of services at competitive fees. We understand the importance of learning clients’ business and industry culture and we take a pragmatic approach to clients’ needs.
We offer a full range of corporate and commercial services including:
mergers and acquisitions
loan & finance
corporate finance and listed company compliance
securities, futures, structured products and derivatives
investment funds and asset management
corporate restructuring
private equity investments
venture capital
regulatory and compliance matters
foreign investment in PRC
insolvency and restructuring
general corporate and commercial matters
Our clients include commercial and investment banks, financial institutions, listed corporations, investment funds, leading and emerging companies, investors and PRC companies.
B.Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Commercial Litigation
In addition to general contractual or commercial disputes, our team of solicitors and legal executives are particularly experienced in prosecuting or defending claims concerning:
banking and structured products
commercial fraud
insolvency and directors’ liabilities
intellectual property
international trade
professional negligence
shareholders and partnership disputes
shipping and logistics
The successful conduct of litigation requires thorough familiarity with the court procedures and in-depth knowledge of the relevant areas of law. When it is necessary for the protection of clients' interests, we will employ such procedural weapons as assets freezing orders and civil search order to prevent a defendant from dissipating his assets or destroying the evidence, as the case may be. There have been many cases in the past where such applications were made by our firm successfully.
C.Banking & Finance
Banks and financial institutions have specific needs for legal services. Our long experience in serving bank and financial institution clients have enabled us to understand such needs and provide efficient services needed by our clients. Our work include:
advice on compliance with banking regulations
advice on retail and corporate banking operation
advice on import and export bills operation
drafting and reviewing standard agreements with customers for various banking and financial products
preparing loan agreements and security documents for loan transactions
enforcement of loan and security documents
debt restructuring
representing clients in their customer's insolvency proceedings
D.Capital Market
We provide professional advice to clients on important financing decisions, helping clients to achieve both their short-term and medium- to long-term financing targets. Our lawyers are often engaged by issuers, intermediaries, underwriters, banks and other financial institutions as their Hong Kong legal adviser to advise on the local or international capital markets. Having advised many companies with PRC background on foreign capital market financing matters, we have a thorough understanding of the effect of the Chinese laws and practice on foreign financing.
E.Venture Capital
With many years of experience in advising on venture capital markets, our lawyers facilitate financing for venture capital companies and growth enterprises, address legal issues and obstacles and assess the legal risks involved. Our legal services in this area include:
devising and preparing for the venture capital structure and model
devising the profit distribution and the exit mechanism among investors
participating in the negotiation between the investors and investees
preparing and reviewing cooperation agreements and shareholders’ agreements
participating in the restructuring of the investees
Bearing in mind the different concerns of venture capital companies and growth enterprises and the legal risks involved in the venture capital market, we provide the best legal solution which is both practical and commercially sound for our clients.
F.Insolvency & Restructuring
We have extensive experience acting for creditors as well as liquidators and receivers. Our work in this area include:
advising creditors on their rights in their debtors' insolvency;
applying for winding up of companies or receivership over assets of companies;
advising liquidators on execution of their duties;
advising and acting for companies or creditors in restructuring of insolvent companies inlcuding implementation of scheme of arrangement and other corporate rescue plans;
acting for liquidators and/or creditors in misfeasance proceedings for recovery of assets for insolvency companies.
G.Intellectual Property & Technology
Our Intellectual Property Department assists clients in the registration, exploitation and protection of their intellectual property rights in copyright, trade marks, patents, registered designs, rights in confidential information and other related legal rights.
Our team gives advice on registration strategy, registrability and likely outcome and will assist clients to handle objections from the registration authorities or other third parties. Our service covers both local and international registration.
We advise on and prepare intellectual property exploitation agreements including: assignment of intellectual property rights; registered user agreement; licence agreement; author and publisher agreement and software development agreement.
We have substantial experience in handling infringement litigation both for Plaintiffs or Defendants. Our team has the capability of acting swiftly to make applications for urgent injunction and search order for Plaintiffs so as to stop infringement activities effectively and preserve evidence for claims of damages. Likewise, in acting for Defendants, we will act vigilantly to ensure that their rights are fully protected and that damages payable to the Plaintiffs will be kept to a minimum.
H.Shipping & Logistics
We provide comprehensive service in both the contentious and non-contentious aspects of shipping and transport law.
We are particularly experienced in “dry” shipping work, including such matters as bills of lading (including electronic bills of lading), charter parties and international sale of goods. Examples of the matters with which we regularly deal are: cargo claims, bunker disputes, laytime and demurrage disputes, hire and off-hire claims, ship repair claims, performance warranties, commodity disputes, CIF and FOB contracts, trade finance and documentary credits, cargo policies, haulage and freight forwarding contracts; cross-border courier business as well as claims for loss of life / personal injury sustained on board vessels.
Our clients include ship owners and charterers, cargo insurers, tug companies, ship-repairers, banks, marine engineering companies, ship and chartering brokers, oil companies, and government agencies.
I.Family & Matrimonial
Family and matrimonial disputes create considerable stress for clients. Our experienced professionals in this department always bear in mind clients’ need and fight for their interest in a way that minimizes such stress. This department deals with all legal issues arising from family disputes.
J.Criminal Litigation
Our Criminal Litigation Team has in the past assisted numerous clients involved in criminal investigations or prosecutions. Our service commences not from the day the client was charged but from the time the client becomes aware that he may be charged. We pride ourselves in possessing deep knowledge of the criminal law and procedure and, more importantly, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of client's case so as to formulate a most effective defence strategy. Our services include:
providing advice on criminal law and procedure before and after charge;
entering into plea bargaining for clients before or after charge;
application for bail before trial or pending appeal;
conducting investigation and evidence gathering before trial;
conducting defence at all levels of courts from Magistracy to the High Court;
conducting appeals at all levels of courts up to the Court of Final Appeal;
conducting mitigation for clients.

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