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John Buchanan is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law for over 25 years. Based in Vancouver, BC he I represents individuals charged with all criminal offences.


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Criminal Law

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Name: Mr. John Buchanan


Has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of British Columbia.


John Buchanan has been practicing criminal law exclusively for more than 25 years
Has represented clients charged with a wide variety of offences but the most common charges that he currently deals with are drug offences, including marijuana grow operations, impaired driving, administrative driving prohibitions, driving while prohibited, dangerous driving and all other driving offences, shoplifting, theft, fraud including theft and fraud related employee/employer relationships, assault including spousal or domestic assault, communicating for the purpose of prostitution, return of money or property seized by the police, and waiving in criminal charges from other provinces

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