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WISELINK is a law firm located in Shanghai specialized in the fields of Foreign Investment law, International trade law, M&A law, Maritime Law but also in Labor, Civil, Corporate, Company, Commercial and Intellectual Property laws. Our team of experienced lawyers and experts has been handling thousand of cases, doing its best to lead each customer to whole satisfaction. Indeed main care is to provide the best and targeted solution for every domestic and international clients' needs, with efficient services delivered in time.

Created in 2008 by Ms. Marra Won, experienced lawyer with over 10 years of practice, WISELINK has a staff of 9 people including 5 reliable lawyers graduated from famous universities. Because our main care is to provide the best legal services, all attorneys and paralegals have to attend trainings related to our practice fields and the comparative study of the Common Law and Chinese Law.

WISELINK is praised not only by domestic customers and peers but also the international clients and legal communauty for its reliable and excellent personalized services provided both in Chinese and English. Wiselink benefits a privileged working relationship with courts and government offices and also cooperating relationship with top law firms all over the world (UK, USA, Panama, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil...), that distinguish Wiselink from the other exclusively local or foreign law firms.

Our main practice fields include:

International trade:
Export Agent contract, quality of cargos, deposit, refuse to deliver, delay in delivery, wrong delivery, refuse to pay or delay to pay, processing trade, compensatory trade, etc.

Admiralty & Maritime:
Release cargos without production of original bill of lading, damages or shortness of cargos, voyage charter-party, time charter-party, bare charger, shipbuilding contract, demurrage, bill of lading, general and signal average, attachment of vessel, maritime security, cargo lien, maritime order, agency of shipper & carrier, maritime insurance, etc.

International banking:
Letter of Credit, guarantee letter\standby letter of credit, forfaiting, factoring, bill of exchange, promissory check, check, trade financing, administration on foreign exchange, foreign guarantee, bond administration, international syndicated loan, etc.

Other internal or international legal affairs:
We also provide other internal or international legal services rather than those listed above, including but without limitation to: foreign investment, company, real estate, employment, or other civil, commercial, criminal, administrative ligal affairs.


Wiselink est un cabinet d'avocats situé à Shanghai en Chine, spécialisé dans le droit du commerce international, le droit maritime et le droit bancaire international.

Créé par Maître Marra Won, avocate en pratique depuis plus d'une dizaine d' années, le cabinet emploie aujourd'hui un staff de 8, tous diplômés d'universités de renom. Notre but étant de devenir l'un des leaders en matière de droit du commerce international et le droit maritime en Chine, nos avocats et juristes reçoivent fréquemment une formation concernant ces matières. Nos prestations sont rendues en chinois et en anglais, cette dernière étant notre langue de travail après des années de pratique auprès de clients étrangers.

Nous intervenons tant dans le domaine du conseil que du contentieux devant les tribunaux étatiques et arbitraux. Nous bénéficions de liens privilégiés avec les tribunaux chinois, le gouvernement Chinois et les principales Cours arbitrales au Royaume-Uni, en Suede, à Hong Kong, en Amérique et en Chine continentale.

Nous intervenons également à l'international grâce à notre important réseau en coopération avec des cabinets d'avocats aux états-unis, au Brésil, à Hong Kong, en Inde, Canada, Japon, Allemagne, France, Algérie, Argentine, Suède , Royaume-Uni, Panama, Afrique du Sud... etc.

Nos principaux domaines d' intervention:

- Commerce international
Contrat d'agent d'exportation, qualité des cargaisons, de dépôt, refus de livraison, retard de livraison, erreur de livraison, refus ou retard de paiement, dédouanement, échanges compensatoires, etc..

- Amirauté et droit maritime
Largage de cargaisons sans connaissement, cargaisons defectueuses ou partielles, contrat d'affrètement pour un voyage, contrat de construction navale, de surestaries, connaissement, attachement du navire, sécurité maritime, sûreté maritime, commande maritime, agence de l'expéditeur et le transporteur, assurance maritime, etc..

- Opérations bancaires internationales
Lettre de crédit, lettre de garantie, affacturage, lettre de change, chèque, financement du commerce, administration sur les opérations de change, garanties étrangères, administration des obligations, prêt de consortium bancaire, etc..

- Autres
Investissements étrangers, droit des sociétés, droit de la construction, droit social, droit civil, droit commercial, droit pénal, droit administratif... etc.


Area of Practice

Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Banking and Finance
Business and Commercial
Criminal Law
Health and Health Care Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Litigation and Appeals
Securities Law
Drugs and Health care

Lawyer's Profile


Principal Contact: Ms Marra Won

Ms. Marra Won is the founder of WiseLink Law Firm Shanghai, and has been in practice for over 10 years as Attorney at Law.

With a LLM of Shanghai Foreign Trade Institute majoring in International Economic Law, Ms. Won has a career full of deep experiences. She worked as an import-export manager during two years in a foreign trade corporation, and a legal consultant during nearly four years in Anxin Group, a famous construction material manufacturer in Shanghai. Then, she has been partner of Rolmax Law Office, accumulating experiences and skills as Attorney at law, before deciding to start her own business and creating the WiseLink Law Firm in 2008.
The solid working experiences she has acquired make her particularly skillful in all operation concerning the international trade. She has a deep knowledge of L/C, collection and other tools of payment, draft, international sales contract, export package, INCOTERMS, shipping and insurance, B/L etc. She was involved into business operations of manufactures. Her work was widely connected with processing, marks and descriptions of package, distribution and sub distribution, registration and authorization of trade mark, application and protection of patent, after sale service, rent of work mill and booths, advertisement release, logistics, sales in super-market and construction project, insurance, HR management, financing, investment overseas and so on.

Her experience for over 10 years made her particularly recognized among her peers and customers as an efficient and reliable attorney. She keeps close contact with the arbitration bodies in the UK, U.S.A and Sweden, and cooperates with law firms overseas, such as Brazil, Macao, UK, U.S.A, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Canada.
Ms Won is the legal expert of Shanghai Construction Material Association and a member of the experts for Wenzhou International Business Association. Her mother tongue is Chinese and she speaks fluent English, making her able to provide legal services in both languages.

Ms Won has served tens of enterprises since she got the license of attorney. She is specialized in international trade law, maritime law, investment and financing both domestic and abroad, etc. Her job is as described:

1. To act as the legal representative to attend international commercial/admiralty arbitration. Her job covers the application for arbitration, discovery, written pleadings, cross examination, application for enforcement of Arbitral Award to China Court;
2. To settle the disputes in relates to foreign trade including that of agency, performance of Sales Contract, L/C, draft etc; to advise the manner of trade such as transshipment trade, back-to-back L/C and the choice of trade terms and so on;
3. To settle the disputes of maritime law such as B/L, charter party, lien on cargos, insurance claims, attachment of vessels and so on;
4. To provide legal services in foreign direct investment including set-up joint venture or wholly foreign owned enterprise, and merger & acquisition of domestic companies etc. To provide legal services for investment to overseas. She will suggest on the frame work, legal international avoidance of tax , the location of headquarter of a global corporation, the arrangement of international trade, the payment, the registration of off-shore corporation, the policies of foreign currency of China, the design of the share allocation for the holding corporations, and so on.
5. To act as attorney in litigation in China. She will file lawsuit with court, answer, appear on court, discover evidences, counter claim, apply for injunction & attach assets, file appeals, apply for enforcement etc.
6. To act as legal consultant for scaled enterprises to give legal advices for daily operation and management.

Examples of Ms Won’s cases

1. The arbitration in International Cotton Association in Liverpool of the UK between Paul Reinhart Co of U.S.A and Anhui Shinho Textile Co of China for the dispute of performance of sales contract;
2. The arbitration between a Shanghai Corporation and United Mineral & Chemical Corporation of U.S.A for the dispute of sales contract;
3. The litigation for the cargo lien dispute between China Communication Construction Corporation and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL);
4. The investment in Brazil of Anxin Group to build up factories and trading corporations;
5. The litigations of Schindle China, a world famous elevator and lift company for disputes of sale contracts;
6. The labor dispute between L’Oreal Group and its director of production;
7. The litigation for dispute of export agency between Hangzhou Huatong Corporation and Shanghai Flying man import and export company;
8. The arbitration in CIETAC between Jiangsu Lihuai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Venlaks. Inc. for dispute of performance of sales contract of iron cores;
9. Dispute of transportation contract for delay in shipment between Shanghai Huajian Import & Export Co., Ltd. and AEL-Berkman Forwarding (HK) Ltd.;
10. International Sales Contract Dispute, Elkosar Enterprise, Pakistan v. Farstar Industry Limited;
11. Dispute of Trade Mark infringement between JMC Import & Export Co., Ltd. And Japanese Isuzu;
12. The direct Investment in Algeria of JMC Import & Export Co., Ltd. to build up a subsidiary company;
13. Dispute of Releasing Cargo Without Production of Original B/L, Changzhou Yueye Corduroy Co., Ltd. v. Compania Sudamericana de Vapores in Chile (CSAV);
14. Case of Contract Fraud for purchase through internet between PARFUMAZR A.G., France and Jack Lee, the cheater;
15. The Counselor-in-Law in China for Arminak & Associates Inc, a U.S. corp.
16. The litigation for dispute of L/C between Shandong Yifang Plaster Co., Ltd. and Wachovia Bank, NA;
17. The litigation for dispute of contract on construction project supervision between Shanghai Anlian Construction Project Supervision & Consulting Co., Ltd. and Madame Tussauds Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;
18. Quality Dispute between Burgonyapehely Kft. in Hungary and Qingdao JinLiDa Trading Co., Ltd.;
19. Equity Merge between Ningbo V.K. Industry & Trading Co., Ltd and Rothschild Clothing Group in Australia;
Dispute of Releasing Cargo Without Production of Original B/L, Ningbo Wahfay Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Wins Handicraft Co., Ltd. and Anhui New Dragon Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. v. ACE Ocean Express Co., Ltd.

Clients / Practice

Clients :
L\'Oreal Group
Schindle China
Forever 21(USA)
Arminak & Associates(USA)
Shinho Textile Group (arbitration with a US corporation)
Madame Tussauds
Hong-hong Lumber
ZX Chem
JiangLing Mobile
RRR Woods


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