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  • Contact Person Name : Paul Derham
  • Establishment year : 1995
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
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Holley Nethercote is an innovative commercial law firm acting for corporate clients. The firm is based in Melbourne, Australia and offers legal services to both local and overseas clients. Established in March 1995 by Grant Holley and Tim Nethercote, Holley Nethercote Commercial Lawyers has a particular focus on the financial services industry. Holley Nethercote aims to provide its clients with comprehensive and prompt legal advice, which is reliable and responsive to the individual business's needs with an emphasis on risk management. The firm provides business law services to financial services providers, government regulators, and other medium and large sized entities.
Holley Nethercote provides expert and practical commercial law services in the areas of Financial services law, licensing and related issues, Debt recovery, Insolvency, Privacy, Franchising, Copyright, Trade marks, Anti-Money Laundering, Employment law for employers, Contracts, Trade practices, Leases, Litigation and commercial dispute resolution, Intellectual property and other general business legal matters.

Together with its associated business Compact-Compliance & Corporate Training, the firm has helped a vast array of businesses obtain and vary Australian Financial Services (AFS) licences, including start-up companies, ex-authorized representatives, and multi-national companies entering the Australian market. It also offers expert advice in matters related to AFS licence holders, including conducting AFS licensee reviews and providing legal creation or revision of financial services legal documentation.


Area of Practice

business law
contract law
intellectual property
financial services law
insolvency law
risk management and more.

Lawyer's Profile


Principal Contact: Paul Derham
Education: Completed his Arts/Law degree with honours in Law in 2004
Completed a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) in 2007
Specialization: Commercial and financial service law.
Experience: Became a solicitor in 2005
Initially worked in Holley Nethercote's related compliance training business - Compact - Compliance and Corporate Training in 2001
Has assisted participants in the financial services industry in complying with their legal and compliance obligations, both under the pre and post-Financial Services Reform regime since 2001
Regularly assists businesses in acquiring their Australian Financial Services licences, as well as providing ongoing compliance with their legal obligations
Also involved in AFSL-related litigation and general commercial law-related matters

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Both local and overseas financial services providers
government regulators
and other medium and large sized entities. (for eg. Certainty Financial and Lonsdale Financial Group).

"I have always been impressed with the firm that I can depend on to alert me to potential issues proactively. Holley Nethercote has consistently delivered over a long period" - Geoffrey Crewe (Certainty Financial)

"Lonsdale Financial Group has been a subscriber to the Compact training service and a client of Holley Nethercote for over 2 years. Compact training has supported Lonsdale in a number of important conference and workshop events which have always scored highly on feedback from participants. Be it a mock court case or specialist Responsible Manager training, the depth of knowledge and value add has been of the highest standard. With respect to the services of Holley Nethercote, Lonsdale utilizes the services of key staff of HN as a member of our Compliance Committee as well as day to day opinion on matters pertaining to the maintenance of an AFSL. Access to the principals of the business is a key feature, making HN a vital part of how Lonsdale manages its AFSL" - (Mario Modica)

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