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Studio Misuraca, Attorneys Firm (SMAF) is dedicated to serving the legal needs of its clients in an ethical and professional manner and promptly responding to its client's inquiries and requests for assistance. For its clients, the firm acts as advisors, counsellors, and facilitators. The law firm is committed to legal excellence and client satisfaction.


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Name: Francesco Misuraca


1989-1995 LUISS (Free International University of the Social Studies) Rome, Via Pola 12, Bachelor in Jurisprudence (Score 110/110)
1996-1999 University of Padova; Achieved in March 2000 PhD in Philosophy of Law

Professional activities:

Francesco published articles in the Italian law review “Commercio Internazionale”, IPSOA Edition, and is also involved in international investments writing guides to the investments in Argentine, Brazil, Egypt, for private circulation in several conventions of different Industrial Association (Venice, Padova, and Treviso). He was also lecturer in Seminaries (international contracts and communitarian, national, international financings facilities) at Padova Unindustria, lecturer and speaker at Ass. Ind.Venezia (Polish investments)


English (optimal acquaintance), French (good acquaintance), German and Russian (base acquaintance), Italian


Published following books, IPSOA Editions (titles in Italian, not translated): 1) INDIA: DIRITTO COMMERCIALE, DOGANALE E FISCALE, Authors: Franceschin Germano and Misuraca Francesco, Collection: Paesi emergenti, Year: 2006, Pages: 605; 2) INVESTIRE NELLE REPUBBLICHE BALTICHE, Authors: Dalla Verità G.M., Franceschin Germano, Misuraca Francesco, Year: 2006. Published following articles on the review and web- site “Commercio Internazionale”, IPSOA Editions (titles in Italian, not translated): 1) Nuovo codice degli investimenti in Tunisia n.10/1999; 2) Opportunità di investimento in Macedonia n. 17/1999; 3) Brasile: quadro delle principali regole sugli investimenti in brasile: investimenti, fisco, lavoro, ambiente e riforme costituzionali n. 10/2000; 4) Il nuovo volto del lavoro in Serbia n. 6/2003; 5) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Qatar n. 7/2004; 6) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Ecuador n. 13/2004; 7) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Kuwait n. 18/2004; 8) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Emirati Arabi Uniti n. 21/2004; 9) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Lituania n. 1/2005; 10) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Hong Kong n.4/2006; 11) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Francia n. 9/2006; 12) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Marocco n. 14/2006; 13) Scheda generale on-line sulla legislazione per gli investimenti estera del sito IPSOA, sezione word-com, scheda Egitto; 12) Scheda generale on-line Turchia; 14) Scheda generale on-line Tunisia; 15) Scheda generale on-line Olanda; 16) Scheda generale on-line Marocco; 17) Scheda generale on-line Francia; 18) Scheda generale on-line Algeria

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