Is your Business Labour Compliant? Do you need help in Labour Law Compliances? The Labour Law professionals referred by Helpline Law can effectively implement Labour Law Compliances for you.

Every commercial establishment / business is liable to Labour Law Compliances. Infact, Indian businesses are subjected to a plethora of Labour compliances Acts. For example, an audit carried on a Hospital / Health care organization revealed that a Hospital Business is liable to implement more than 5000 acts with respect to Labour Law Compliances! 

The need for professional help to whom you can outsource all your Labour Law Compliances is paramount now more than ever. In the Indian scenario, where the Business Owner or the Director of the company is personally & criminally liable for lapses in compliances, the need of Labour Law Compliances cannot be undermined.

Helpline Law’s lawyers for Labour Law Compliances offer a myriad of services including but not limited to:


  • Review of employment contracts/service agreements at the offer stage
  • Negotiation of Termination and Settlement Agreements
  • Advice on discipline and grievance procedures, unfair dismissal
  • Workplace investigation and whistleblowing
  • Disputes related to Bonus, EPF and other employee benefits
  • Bullying, sexual harassment and any kind of misconduct at work
  • Maternity, Paternity and other pregnancy related claims
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, offer letters, company handbooks & policies such as maternity, POSH, confidentiality agreement, gratuity and provident policy
  • Defending a discrimination and sexual harassment claim
  • Structuring executive severance arrangements and settlement agreements
  • Assistance with large scale reorganizations and redundancy process
  • Handling grievances and disciplinary procedures
  • Managing disability in the workplace
  • Advice on working time regulations, sickness and other absence management
  • Labor & Employment Audit
  • Advice on job descriptions, employment contracts, handbooks, orientation & training
  • Advice on pay reviews & structures, sick pay and leave, flexible working policy, benefits & membership schemes
  • Discrimination & harassment  policy, training, guidelines
  • Confidentiality agreement, record keeping, personnel records, privacy
  • Advice on Exit interviews, termination letter, character / experience certificate

Based on the findings, lawyers from Helpline Law prepare a detailed final report, benchmarking against the industry standards and make recommendations for areas that could be improved.

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