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Year : 1958

[Act, No. 47 of 1958]
[17th December, 1958]


An Act further to amend the Poisons Act, 1919.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Ninth Year of the Republic of India as follows:-

Section -1 Short title

This Act may be called the Poisons (Amendment) Act, 1958.

Section -2 Amendment of section 1

In section 1 of the Poisons Act, 1919 (12 of 1919) (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act) for sub-section (2), the following sub-section shall be substituted, namely:-

"(2) It extends to the whole of India:

Provided that it shall not apply to the State of Jammu and Kashmir except to the extent to which the provisions of this Act relate to the importation into India of any specified poison.".

Section -3 Amendment of section 3 and 6

In section 3 and clause (b) of section 6 of the principal Act, for the words the States the words India shall be substituted.

Section -4 Repeal

The enactments specified in the Schedule are hereby repealed.

Schedule I 


(See section 4).

1. The Cochin Poisons Act., 1111 (XXX of 111).

2. The (Hyderabad) Poisons Act (IV of 1322 Fasli).

3. The Madhya Bharat Poisons Act, Samvat 2008 (5 of Samvat 2008).

4. The Mysore Poisons Act, 1910 (V of 1910).

5. The Patiala Poisons Act, 1989 BK (1 of 1989 BK).

6. The Rajasthan Poisons Act, 1956 (2 of 1956).

7. The Saurashtra Poisons Act, 1952 (XXV of 1952).

8. The Travancore Poisons Act, 1118 (XI of 118).


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