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Year : 1854

[Act No. 24 OF 1854]

An Act to prohibit the possession of certain offensive weapons in Maabar.

WHEREAS it is expedient to prohibit the possession of certain offensive weapons in the District of Malabar, in the Presidency of Fort St.George;

It is enacted as follows.


Section -1 Use of war-knives prohibited.

The use of the ayud ha katti or war-knife, or of any similar offensive weapon,is here by prohibited throughout the District of Malabar{Certain words providing for the surrender of weapons by a certain date rep. by Act14of1870.}

Section -2 Fine for possessing,purchasing,etc.,war-knives.

{The words"After such date"rep.,ibid.} Any person who shall be found in possession of any auyd ha katti or war-knife or of a similar offensive weapon ,or who shall purchase, or sell, or manufacture,or cause to be manufactured, any ayud ha katti or war-knife or similar weapon,shall be liable,on conviction before Magistrate,to a fine not exceeding fifty rupees,or to imprisonment, with or without hard labour,for a period not exceeding six months,or to both; and the said war-Knife or weapon shall be confiscated.

Section -3 Power to search for war-knives.

It shall be lawful for the Magistrate of Malabar to cause search to be made by his Police-officers,action under his warrant, in any house or other place in which any ayud ha katti or war-knife,or any similar offensive weapon, may be supposed to be, contrary to this Act; and any such ayud ha Katti or war-knife which shall be found may be seized and Confiscated. It shall also be competent to the Magistrate, a this discretion, to de Legate to any of his{The word "European" was the A.O.1950.}Assistants the powers conferred by this section. Any person who shall resist or oppose such search or seizure,or forcibly with stand any Police-officer charged with such warrant, shall beliable to the same penalties as if such person had opposed or resisted the execution of a warrant for the search after stolen goods.


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