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Year : 1871

[Act, No. 4 of 1871]1*
[27th January, 1871]


An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to Coroners.
WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the laws relating to Coroners in the Presidency-towns;

It is hereby enacted as follows:-


1. This Act has been amended in the Presidency-town of Bombay by Bombay Act 13 of 1930, in the Bombay State by Bombay Act 25 of 1942, and in West Bengal by Bengal Act 7 of 1944.


Section -1 Short title

This Act may be called the Coroners Act, 1871.

{The local extent and commencement clauses of this section were rep., respectively, by Act 10 of 1881, section.2, and Act 16 of 1874.}

Section -2 Repeal of enactments

Rep. By the Repealing Act, 1873 (12 of 1873).


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