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Year : 2000

[Act, No. 54 of 2000]
[27th December, 2000]


An Act to give statutory status to the existing Central Road Fund governed by the Resolution of Parliament passed in 1988, for development and maintenance of national highways and improvement of safety at railway crossings, and for these purposes to levy and collect by way of cess, a duty of excise and duty of customs on motor spirit commonly known as petrol, high speed diesel oil and for other matters connected therewith.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Fifty-first Year of the Republic of India as follows:-

Section -1 Short title, extent and commencement

(1) This Act may be called the Central Road Fund Act, 2000.

(2) It extends to the whole of India.

(3) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, it shall be deemed to have come into force on the 1st day of November, 2000.

Section -2 Definitions

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) "Appointed day" means the date on which the Fund is established under sub-section (1) of section 6;

(b) "Cess" means a duty in the nature of duty of excise and customs, imposed and collected on motor spirit commonly known as petrol and high speed diesel oil for the purposes of this Act;

(c) "Fund" means the Central Road Fund established under sub-section (1) of section 6;

(d) "National highways" means the highways specified in the Schedule to the National Highways Act, 1956 (48 of 1956) or any other highway declared as national highway under sub-section (2) of section 2 of the said Act;

(e) "National Highways Authority of India" means an authority constituted under sub-section (1) of section 3 of the National Highways Authority of India Act, 1988 (68 of 1988);

(f) "Prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act.


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