Citizenship Law Switzerland

The acquisition of Swiss nationality through descent is regulated at federal level, in the Federal Law on the Acquisition and Loss of Swiss Nationality (= Nationality Act).
  1. The person may acquire Nationality through naturalization if such person has lived in the Switzerland for Twelve years or more.
  2. The nationality through Naturalization may be obtained either through
    1. regular naturalization
    2. facilitated naturalization
  3. People who are naturalized in Switzerland by a regular proceeding first require a naturalization permit from the Confederation.
To obtain this, applicants will have to satisfy the following requirements:
  1. 12 years' residence in Switzerland (any years spent in Switzerland between the 10th and the 20th years are counted double);
  2. integration into the Swiss way of life;
  3. familiarity with Swiss habits, customs and traditions
  4. compliance with the Swiss rule of law
  5. no danger to Switzerland's internal or external security
  6. The federal naturalization permit is a prerequisite for the applicant's subsequent naturalization in community and canton.
  7. Communities and cantons have their own, additional naturalization requirements, such as residence requirements, financial requirements and naturalization fees, which vary a great deal, but often amount to about one month's salary.
  8. Thus applicants only become Swiss nationals after they have also been naturalized in their communities and cantons (three-stage procedure Confedera-tion/canton/community).
  9. Apart from regular naturalization, there is also facilitated naturalization.
  1. In particular, this benefits Swiss nationals' foreign spouses (possibility of facilitated naturalization after five year's residence in Switzerland and three years of marriage), as well as children of Swiss nationals who do not yet hold Swiss nationality.
  2. Facilitated naturalization depends on the satisfaction of the following general requirements:
    1. integration into the Swiss way of life;
    2. compliance with the Swiss rule of law
    3. no danger to Switzerland's internal or external security.
  3. Naturalization is in the responsibility of the Federal Department of Justice and Police. As a rule, the fee is CHF 330.00.