Marriage Law Switzerland

To marry in Switzerland the followings are required to be met in order to get married:
  1. the betrothed must be over 18;
  2. neither must be already married;
  3. persons under guardianship must obtain the consent of their legal representative;
  4. the law prohibits marriage between (half) brothers and (half-)sisters or to one's parents or grandparents, as well as between a person and their spouse's child (even if that marriage has been annulled).
  1. Photo ID such as Drivers License or passport
  2. Notarized affidavit, mentioning the current address and marital status (single, divorced or widowed).
  3. Birth Certificate (certified copy) showing the names of the parents (this certificate may be issued at most six months before the planned marriage)
  4. If previously married, be prepared to show a certified copy of the final divorce decree, or death certificate if marriage ended due to death of spouse.
  5. If the person wishing to marry is a foreign national may have to submit his/her
    1. passport
    2. An affidavit stating that he is free to marry.
  1. Marriage is divided into two stages:
    1. the marriage preparation procedure and
    2. the marriage ceremony procedure.
Marriage preparation procedure
  1. The betrothed may contact the competent Registry Office and submit the necessary documents.
  2. The competent Registry Office is that of their place of residence in Switzerland.
  3. If residing abroad, the Swiss representation in their country of residence or the Registry Office of the place where the wedding is to take place.
  4. The Registry Office issues the Marriage Request Form to be filled in and signed.
  5. Having duly filled in and signed the form and submitted a number of documents, the betrothed make a personal statement to the registrar (respectively to the Swiss Consulate) to the effect that they do meet all requirements to get married.
  6. The registrar reviews the marriage request and informs the betrothed in writing whether the marriage may be celebrated.
  1. The ceremony may be held as soon as the marriage preparation procedure is completed.
  2. In of foreign nationals who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements may nevertheless be allowed to get married according to the national law of either of the betrothed.
  3. Such authorization is issued by the Cantonal Registrar supervisory authority of the place where the marriage is to be celebrated and its cost varies as a function of the complexity of the case.
  4. If the betrothed wish to get married in another place than that of the marriage preparation, they must ask the registrar of the latter place, subject to a fee, for an authorisation to celebrate the wedding which will enable them to get married in the commune of their choice.
  5. In any case, the marriage must be celebrated within a minimum of 10 days (this deadline may be shortened in case of imminent death) and a maximum of three months following the granting of the marriage authorisation.
  6. The civil wedding is a public ceremony held at the Registry Office in the presence of two witnesses of age chosen by the betrothed.
  7. If one of the betrothed cannot travel, the marriage may exceptionally be celebrated in another place (hospital, home of the betrothed etc.).
  8. The spouses and witnesses sign the marriage register.
  9. Upon completion of the ceremony, the registrar issues the family record book and the marriage certificate.
  10. Submission of either of these documents will be required in order to subsequently celebrate a religious wedding.
  1. The actual fee for the application is CHF 175.00
  2. The Registry Office collects a fee for the marriage celebration and the documents issued.