Criminal Laws Kuwait

In the State of Kuwait, the original criminal law was enacted in the year 1960 (Law No. 60/1960), which was amended by the Law No. 31/1970. It has 282 articles.
The first part of the law explains general principles, viz; the 2 kinds of crimes i.e, felony & misdemeanors.
Felony has punishment of more than 3 years or has life imprisonment or even capital punishment. The lapse for the criminal action is 10 years from the date of crime. The lapse of punishment is 20 years from the final judgment. Limitation for death punishment is 30 years.
Misdemeanors has punishment less than 3 years or with fine or with both. The lapse for the criminal action for misdemeanor is 5 years from the date of crime. The lapse for punishment regarding misdemeanor is 10 years from the day the judgment became final.
The law also deals with crime and criminal responsibility, the legal elements in crime, criminal intention, unintentional mistake, the commencement of crime, the multiple crimes etc.
The law explains different types of punishment viz; death penalty, life imprisonment, temporary imprisonment, the supplemental punishment, decreasing of punishment, the bail system. Part -II of the Law deals with crimes against Public Interest. It could be classified as:-
  1. State Security Crimes and crimes against religions.
  2. Crimes relating to public employees are the following:-
    1. Bribery
    2. Corruption
    3. Misuse of the public employment
    4. Escape of prisoners
    5. Aggression on public employees
The law deals with Misleading of justice in the 3rd chapter, which includes:-
False statements
Denial to provide statements
Denial of assistance to the judiciary
Denial of giving statements about crimes
Offending criminal justice and judiciary
Crimes against human beings are dealt under the following topics:-
  1. Murder
  2. Injury
  3. Assault
  4. Endangering people
  5. Abortion
  6. Kidnapping
  7. slavery
  8. detention
The chapter dealing with the crimes against honor and reputation are dealt under:-
Offences under the influence of alcohol
Disgraceful actions
Crimes against property includes:-
Robbery, fraud, burning property, piracy, intentional damage of property, forgery, falsifying bank notes, falsifying governmental stamps.