Industrial Law Kuwait

Industrial Law of the State of Kuwait (No.56/1996)
The Law Firm of Labeed Abdal
This law is applicable to every industrial firm and workshop in the State of Kuwait.
An industrial firm is defined under this Act as any establishment engaged basically in transforming raw or primary materials into either finished or semi-finished, or intermediate products, or transform the latter two into fully processed products. This function shall also include mixing, separating, forming and reforming, assembling, filling or packing of products, in case the work is mechanically done in the firm.
An industrial workshop is defined under this Act as any activity related to production or maintenance, which depends on manual technical skill, using simple equipment, and which products accordingly, are not stereotyped.
The industrial licenses are granted to the projects relating to basic industries that prove feasible, or to those projects that are determined by the competent authorities in the oil sector.
An autonomous public authority, called the Public Authority for Industry, shall be established under the supervision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait. The Authority aims at developing, enhancing and supervising the industrial activity in the country, for the realization of the objectives of the national economy. The Authority may inflict administrative penalties on industrial firms and workshops if they violate any of the provisions of this Law or its Implementation Ordinance viz; notification, warning, administrative suspension, cancellation of licence etc.
The Public Prosecution shall conduct the investigation, action and indictment regarding all crimes resulting from the application of this Law.